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Updated: November 15, 2022

Highly Affordable • Health Canada Approved • Preventive & Emergency Services

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Polmax Disinfection Fogging

Polmax is now offering Disinfection Fogging services for enhanced treatment of large and small indoor areas, such as church sanctuaries, meeting rooms, community centres, gyms, lobbies, vehicles and other high-traffic spaces. 

Polmax Disinfection Fogging™ is safe for use on hard and soft surfaces, including wood, metals, leather, upholstery and carpets, and is offered as a complement to on-going cleaning contracts. This service utilizes environmentally-responsible disinfectants & broad-spectrum virucides approved by Health Canada and Alberta Health Services for the fight against surface transmission of seasonal pathogens. 

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Why fog? Benefits of Polmax Disinfection Fogging™.

  • INCREASED CONTACT TIME: Disinfecting is a time-based protocol. Fogging eliminates the need for wiping and increases the contact time required to destroy pathogens

  • BETTER COVERAGE: Fogging is ubiquitous and offers deep, true coverage of surfaces

  • REDUCES CROSS-CONTAMINATION: The touchless fogging application decreases the transfer of pathogens from one surface to another, one room to another, and one person to another

  • COST SAVINGS: Fogging dramatically limits the time and cost associated with manual "spray & wipe" protocols

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Consultation & Pricing

Polmax Disinfection Fogging™ is very likely the most cost effective solution available in Calgary, with preventative services starting at $65 per treatment. Travel charges may apply for locations outside the Calgary area. For a free estimate or general consultation please call or email Jason: (403) 512-8069 •

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